How to become a morning person?..8 practical tips to change your sleep pattern

Those who tend to wake up early are those who live in geographic regions near the equator

As your sleep cycle begins to shift, you may notice changes in energy levels or productivity (Pixabay).
As your sleep cycle begins to shift, you may notice changes in energy levels or productivity (Pixabay).

Deep in your DNA maze, a small set of genes exerts a powerful influence on whether you are someone who loves virgin births or loves to stay up until the morning. And your inherent inclination toward morning or evening is shaped by a number of other influences, such as hormones, sunlight, age, and even where you live on this planet.

Does your temporal pattern remain the same throughout your life?

According to Healthline , for many people, sleep and wake cycles change more than once in a lifetime. Studies identify the biological and environmental causes that control this, such as:

Hormonal changes – usually a major change in your chronotype during the teenage years. Also during pregnancy, as research indicates that hormonal changes in pregnancy often move women to the earlier time pattern, at least during the first two trimesters of pregnancy.

A Brazilian study also found that women tend to be more oriented towards virgins in their young age, and become more oriented towards the evening after the age of 45, as the amount of estrogen in the body decreases. As for men, most of them were late in waking up in adulthood.

Seasonal effects. Seasonal changes can also affect how early you wake up and how late you fall asleep. Daylight, one of the strongest influences on the internal circadian rhythm, changes with the seasons. Researchers believe that people have varying levels of sensitivity to the change of seasons.

Geography , the latitude of your home affects your circadian rhythms. Large-scale studies have shown that people who prefer to stay up late and wake up are more common in places where the sun sets later in the day, and that those who tend to wake up early are those who live in geographic areas near the equator, according to the Healthline website.

Why do you need to be a morning person?

Christoph Randler, professor of biology at the College of Education in Heidelberg, Germany, found that people who love virginity are often more successful than people who like to wake up and wake up late because, they tend to be proactive.

Another survey by The Guardian confirms this idea, reporting that many CEOs of successful companies wake up at five in the morning.

Change the nature of your sleep

“Yes, but it takes a lot of effort,” says Dr. W. Christopher Winter, medical director of the Center for Sleep Medicine at Martha Jefferson Hospital in Virginia and a spokesperson for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Winter says that changing your sleep pattern takes about two weeks, but you need to stick to your new routine, because if you backtrack on your plan, you will return to your normal wake-up tendencies.

Your ability to change your sleep routine also depends on whether it is a requirement of your work, your study schedule, the needs of your family, or your personal goals. You may be able to change your sleep and wake cycles more easily if they are related to these needs. Here are some simple tips to set your internal clock:

Not being slouched at the time of waking up

Get up, exercise, and eat at the same time every day. The body loves to anticipate what’s going on, and settle with routine. But do not worry about your bedtime, Winter says, “Bedtime will determine itself because you will be tired, the most important thing is not to slacken at the time of waking up.”

The problem occurs when you return to old sleep patterns over the weekends, Winter says. It tells your body that the early morning routine is just an arbitrary schedule and that you must stick to your old pattern.

The importance of light

Light, whether natural or synthetic, tells the brain that the day has begun and sends signals to the body to stop producing melatonin, the hormone that aids regular sleep. So if it’s dark when you want to wake up at five in the morning, for example, you can trick your mind by using bright indoor lights into believing the sun is shining.

Get some exercise

Exercising early in the morning helps wake the body up. They also help lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, and help you sleep better at night.

And exercise in bright light is best, such as going for a morning bike ride or jog.

Eat a protein-rich meal

You should skip eating bread and focus on eating eggs or yogurt. As protein facilitates waking up, while carbohydrates promote sleep. Protein increases your dopamine levels, helping you prepare for the day.

Change your bedtime gradually

Sleep experts recommend that you start sleeping 20 minutes to an hour early each night. Over the course of a few days or weeks your nighttime routine will shift into the morning, and going to bed early will allow you to get as much sleep as you need before the alarm goes off and the next day begins.

Develop a quiet nighttime routine

Going to sleep is not an easy process that happens just by turning off the lights directly. If you’ve been trying to get past your lifelong habit of nighttime activity, it may help to create routines that send a signal to your mind that it’s time to sleep.

Meditation exercises, deep breathing, reading books and other soothing rituals may help you develop a pleasant and relaxing nighttime routine that encourages starting your sleep cycle early.

Avoid the urge to nap

Winter says that falling asleep early can be difficult for the first few days, and you may have a strong urge to take a nap, but you must fight it, because if you give up it will ruin your natural sleep stimulus. Instead, take advantage of your sleepy urge to go to bed early.

Note the positive effects

As your sleep cycle begins to shift, you may notice changes in your energy levels, productivity or mood. Make a note of these changes as you notice them, because focusing on positive influences may help you stay motivated on days when you feel sleepy or disoriented.

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